9 Reasons Why People Love This Case

Here’s why fashion influencers, celebrities and people who love the finer things in life are sticking with this affordable luxury leather accessory brand over others...

06/25/23 | Samatha Reeves

1. It’s NOT Just A Phone Case… It’s A Lifestyle

This isn’t just another phone case. The Case Club represents a lifestyle of refinement, made for people who enjoy the finer things in life. They believe your monogram holds power and include free personalisation with every order, so you can put your personal power statement on your most personal products.

What other phone case brand sparks that feeling of elegance inside you?

2. It’s Handmade In Europe And Made From The Highest Quality Materials

The Case Club produces and personalises all of their products in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A team of craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in their field (!) are working passionately to provide a quality, luxury item for an affordable price.

3. It's Personalised With Your Monogram - Free Of Charge

All of The Case Club's products come with free personalisation included. The Case Club believes your personal monogram holds power and is a form of self expression, thus allowing you to apply your personal statement on your most personal products. You can either apply your name or initials to their products, in gold or silver foil.

4. It's Surprisingly Protective... For Something This Beautiful

There's always been the choice of going for a bulky, protective phone case or a pretty but unprotective phone cover. The Case Club offers the best of both worlds - a beautiful leather phone case that doesn't add much bulk to your phone while still fully protecting your phone.

5. It's The Fastest Growing Brand In It's Industry

With over 100.000+ Happy Customers, The Case Club is quickly becoming the fastest growing brand in it's industry of leather goods and phone cases. More and more people are discovering that they don't have to choose between a cheap plastic case from a wholesaler or breaking the bank by buying from a more expensive luxury brand!

6. It's Loved By Celebrities Worldwide

Celebrities - often known for living a lavish lifestyle and having access to everything they long for, are loving The Case Club's leather goods. Not through getting sent free products, but by placing actual paid orders. From actors, artists to athletes, The Case Club is loved by celebrities worldwide. That surely says something!

7. It's The Perfect Gift - For Yourself Or A Loved One

There's no more thoughtful gift than giving someone something that's personalised and hand made just for them. Combine that with something that is of such high quality that it will actually last them years to come, and you've got the perfect gift - either for yourself or for a loved one.

8. It's Got Great Value For Money

The Case Club doesn't just source any leather for their products, they use the same leather as all the big luxury brands use. While it might be slightly more expensive than a plastic phone case, getting a premium leather accessory for under $50 is a great, great deal, especially factoring in their products are all hand made by craftsmen and come personalised!

9. They Have A Holiday Sale Going On Right Now!

With 50% off everything site wide, this is the perfect opportunity to try their products for an even more affordable price! Grab this chance to level up your accessory game by matching it with your summer outfits, and get ready to receive compliments on your new phone case wherever you go!

If you made it to #9 you obviously know it's time to match your phone case to your lifestyle…


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