Make It Yours. Express yourself by adding your personal monogram to your case.


The handcrafted personalization of our products reflects a tradition of refinement and service. More than just a means of identification, it is a form of self expression. We encourage you to be ALL ABOUT YOU, by owning your identity into an everyday form.

Each monogram is traditionally pressed by hand with the upmost care and eye for detail. Hot stamped on our premium leather designs, it integrates understated elegance with modern day function. Create your personal objet d’art, either as a gift for yourself or for a loved one.

Step 1. Preparing for personalization

It all begins with you.With the aid of your online order details we gather the right tools in order to prepare the personalization of your product. We assemble the letters you have entered on our online store, and select the foil according to your color of choice.

Step 2. Hot stamping & Quality inspection

Our machine warms up with your letters in it. Once the machine gets to the right temperature, we hot stamp your selected monogram onto your leather good.We take pride in only using the highest quality foil from Germany to ensure your monogram doesn’t fade quickly. Before packing it, we thorougly assess the finalized product on 5 different areas to make sure it conforms to our strict quality measurements.

Step 3. Packing your product

After assessing your product, it is ready to be packed in our signature gift packaging. We carefully wrap your newly personalized product into the box, including a Care Manual, and prepare it for shipment to you.

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