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”I remember when I received our first batch of samples. That rush of pride I receive when something I created matches all of my expectations is unbeatable, and something I want to pass on to all of our customers. That is also the reason why I’ve adjusted the packaging¬†of our cases three¬†times. It has to be perfect. Opening something you have been wishing for for a while should be an experience that brings just as much joy as the product itself.”

– Sam, Founder & Owner

The Case Club’s owner Sam had an idea on phone cases which quickly turned into a business when he sat down with a long-term friend that had expertise in this field. As two ambitious serial entrepreneurs, they wanted to create something that was different from what other brands do and what already had been done –  they wanted to convey their lifestyle onto a tangable product. A love for luxury goods and a new idea on what phone cases are and should be for is what motivates them to take the brand to an international level. With over-the-top delivery services by exotic car or helicopter, it is once again confirmed that the owners tend to go all-in on each of their ventures. Through continued exposure to new adventures they are confident in being able to keep bringing out new and trendy designs.

A half year worth of searching for the right products and materials is what now leads them to proudly say that all of the products are manufactured and essembled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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